Inspired by our mission, our Leadership Team prides itself on an irrational pursuit of excellence, applying their complimentary skills to create extraordinary value for owners and residents alike.


Audrey Church-Burgess  VP, Client Relations
Thrive prides itself on providing the best customer service experience for all of our clients. With over 20 years of business development experience, Audrey’s passion is knowing our clients, their needs, and ensuring their complete satisfaction. A fantastic communicator and activator, Audrey ensures that our customers “feel the love”.  Audrey is a graduate of Arizona State University.

Kari Anderson  Principal, Vice President
A property’s performance can be directly linked to its operations team. A high performing property has a team that is empowered, enthusiastic and as a result, provides exceptional customer service and financial returns. A veteran with over 30 years of experience, Kari has the unique ability to attract, inspire and retain the best and brightest people in the multifamily industry. Her genuine passion for mentoring and assisting her team members to grow in their roles can be seen in Thrive’s on-site team performances.

Rose O'Dell  Principal, Executive Vice President
Exceptional property performance requires acute vision and great people, but without excellent systems and reporting, the best intentions get lost in day-to-day details. Rose brings a unique combination of property management, accounting and business acumen to Thrive's portfolio. She oversees the daily work of property accounting to ensure the highest standards of financial accountability, while also employing her entrepreneurial instincts to refine and create systems that enable staff to focus on maximizing value and creating a true sense of community.  Rose received both her B.A. in Finance and M.B.A from Seattle University.

Gary Bender  Director of Construction
With a unique ability to see the possibility in every community, Gary oversees project renovations and our capital projects team. With a degree in construction management and over 15 years of multi family experience, projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with the unique approach that makes our communities truly thrive.  Gary has overseen award winning renovations including Washington Multifamily Housing Association’s “Renovated Community of the Year”.