2020 Emerald Award Nominees!

We are beyond excited to congratulate the 20 Thrive associates and 14 Thrive communities that received nominations for the Washington Multifamily Housing Association’s Emerald Awards this week!

Each year, WMFHA honors outstanding work at both the individual and team level, across all position types and levels. Join us in our company-wide high five (and cupcake extravaganza, obviously) as we congratulate the following Thrivers and communities. 🌱🍾🥂🎉

Community Manager (1-150 units): Sanaz Neissani
Community Manager (151-300 units): Mikki Kylen & Tom Brodhead
Community Manager (301+ units): Miranda Dymond & Dalia Valencia

Assistant Manager (1-300 units): Allen Pedroso, Cherie Tolliver & Olivia Lindsey
Assistant Manager (301+ units): Maple Tamua

Leasing Consultant (1-300 units): Lauren Harris & Harley Nerheim-Chereck

Maintenance Supervisor (151-300 units): Lilian Kukosh, Jake Straight & Cary Lundquist
Maintenance Supervisor (301+ units): Dennis Gullino

Maintenance Technician (1-300 unit): Bradley Umipeg & Carlos Perez

Rookie of the Year - Office: Sennett Goodwin & Pierre Thomas

Portfolio Manager of the Year: Jennifer Vivette
Credential Holder of the Year: April Syria

Community of the Year (1-150 units): Pike Flats & Session
Community of the Year (151+ units): Six Oaks, Artesia by the Lake, Copper Creek & Alaire

New Development (151+ units): Station House Lofts

Renovated Community (1-150 units): Jack & Haller Post
Renovated Community (151+ units): Lighthouse

Curb Appeal (Mid Rise/High Rise): Arbor Village
Curb Appeal (Garden Style, pre-1990): Timbers at Kenmore, Hubbard’s Crossing & Alaire

Volunteer of the Year: Redmond Fire House Project